Takeuchi Ryoma (Sensei Kunshu)

two steps forward, one step back

SURPRISE OF THE CENTURY. An icon post after 8 years!

Now to figure out where to advertise icons these days. And also slowly work on re-uploading all these old icons, that'll be a task!

[01-28] King & Prince (+ appearance of Nakajima Kento)
[29-46] Arashi
[47-58] SixTONES (Imitation Rain PV)
[59-74] Snow Man (D.D. PV)

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Ohno (Kokuritsu)

one by one they lay the world at my feet

I missed making icons and realized why: it's been almost a year since my last real icon post. Holy smokes!

[01-10] Eita, Amuro Namie, Inoue Mao, Tsuchiya Anna, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Toda Erika, Takeuchi Yuko, Becky
[11-35] Arashi

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Sho (That Funny)

Do I dare call this an Icon Meme?

Call me weird, I'm one of those people who has access to (almost) all of her icons, even those dating all the way back to eight years ago. XD; So hey, thought you guys would get a kick out of my graphics-making growth (lol), or get a kick out of doing this yourself! Even if you've just started making icons, I for one, am always finding terrible icons in batches I've done just last month or so, or even trends that I discovered I should have never attempted. Embarrassment? What embarrassment! Go for it! :D

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